Dance Facilities

The Dance Program has three dance studios:

Schwartz Center for Performing Arts Dance Studio

Exterior of Schwartz Center

The newest of the dance studios is in the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts. It also serves as the Program’s performance space, with a seating capacity of 109.People dance in the Schwartz Center

  • Approximately 43’x 55’ of floor space (2365 square feet)
  • Harlequin Activity Floor System with extra layer of cushion covered by a black Harlequin Cascade dance floor.
  • Mirrored wall

Other facilities for dance in the Schwartz Center:

  • Dance student lounge
  • Costume shop
  • Locker/dressing rooms

Woodruff Physical Education Center (WPEC) Dance Studio

Students perform yoga in a studio

  • Approximately 45’ x 60’ (2700 square feet)
  • Harlequin Activity Sprung Floor with a Harlequin Cascade marley
  • Mirrored wall
  • 5 large portable ballet barres
  • 50’ of permanently installed ballet barres
  • Locker rooms are available to students in the P.E. Center

Rich Dance Studio

Rich Building Dance Studio

The Rich Building holds a dance studio and the main offices for the Dance Program. Majors and minors are able to reserve the dance studio for personal rehearsal/work space.

  • Approximately 30’ x 34’ (1020 square feet)
  • Mirrored wall
  • Yoga ropes wall
  • Marley floor
  • Cubbies for storage of belongings

Rich Building Dance Studio