The Emory Dance Program emphasizes performance and choreography, based on the primary tenets of modern dance, which value individualism, innovation, and interdisciplinary approaches to the arts. Below you will find links to key components of our program.

The video below showcases two student projects from the Choreography I class, Emily Hammond, '14 (dance major) and Kevin Huang, '14 (dance minor).

Dance Major and Minor

The Dance Program offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance and Movement Studies. Read about some of our current majors here!

Dance Courses

The curriculum includes a variety of courses in technique, composition, and theory, as well as individualized student projects in dance.

Emory Dance Company

The Emory Dance Company offers students the opportunity to perform work choreographed by both professional artists and students.

Honors in Dance

Select dance majors are invited by faculty to create an honors project in dance during their senior year. Click the link above to view past projects.

Concentration in Arts Management

The Concentration in Arts Managementis a collaboration between several arts departments in Emory College and the Goizueta Business School BBA Program. Participation is limited to rising junior and eligible rising senior BBA students and students of select arts majors in the College.

This concentration provides knowledge, competencies and experiences for BA and BBA students interested in pursuing administrative and management careers in the performing arts. BBA students who complete this concentration focus on the history, politics and practice of the arts field of their choice within the college. BA students complement their understanding of their arts field with classes in the Business School.

Courses offer academic perspectives, experiential opportunities and real-world experience through internships and field studies. Students who complete the concentration acquire grounding in the basic principles of business practices including management, marketing, finances, fundraising, philanthropy and ethics. Click the link above to view the complete description, eligibility requirements, and course list.

Student Events

Student events include auditions, master classes, and other special opportunities open to Emory students.

Student Awards

This page lists award opportunities for students and also includes lists of past award recipients.