Profiles of Current Majors

The Emory Dance Program usually has between 40 and 50 majors and minors. Read about a few of our majors below!

Katie Messina, '18

Katie Messina in dance pose

Majors: Dance and Movement Studies, Linguistics

Hometown: New Hope, Pennsylvania

Emory Activities: Emory Dance Company, AHANA Dance, Tap That, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Emory Student Ambassadors, Orientation Leader

Favorite Dance Classes: Movement Improvisation, Lighting Design, Choreography II

Why I Love Dance: Words cannot truly describe my feelings for why I love dance. Dance makes me feel alive. On top of that, the Emory Dance community is my home and family, and is filled with my absolute favorite people.

Plans After Graduation: I would like to dance post-graduation; whether it is a part time company or full time, who knows! I will continue to work hard, try my best, and see where things take me. On the other hand, I am highly invested in events planning after my internship last summer, and eventually graduate school.

Maggie Vail, '18

Maggie Vail in dance pose

Major: Dance and Movement Studies

Minor: Linguistics

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Emory Activities: Emory Dance Company, Persuasion (all female hip-hop crew), Bike-a-thon executive board member, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Full Radius Dance Company Intern

Favorite Dance Classes: Dance History, Jazz II

Plans After Graduation: After graduation, I'm hoping to perform either in commercial or concert dance, preferably in Atlanta. I'm also interested in teaching and/or working for an arts non-profit organization.

Why I Love Dance:  With no doubts, I can say that I decided to apply and attend Emory because of the dance department. I visited my senior year of high school and noticed right off the bat that this program is strong, full of dedicated and loving students and faculty. This program is a place where students can continue their training, learn about the endless possibilities of dance, but can also be involved in their other academic or extracurricular interests. There's always this stigma that dance is not an academic nor athletic field, however, the Emory Dance Department successfully proves that notion wrong. Four years later, I am still so grateful to be part of a marvelous program, and a family.

Laura Briggs, '19

Laura Briggs in Dance Pose

Majors: Dance and Movement Studies, Chemistry

Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky

Emory Activities: Emory Dance Company, Emory Scholars Program, Emory Swing Dance Club, Emory Pride, WMRE, Undergraduate research

Favorite Dance Classes: Ballet IV, Dance and Embodied Knowledge, Somatic Practices– Applied Yoga, Movement Improvisation, Dance History

Plans After Graduation: PhD in biochemistry or master’s degree in science writing

Advice for Prospective Students: The college decision can sometimes feel like the biggest most important choice you will ever make– but it isn’t! You decide how to get the best out of your education no matter where you end up. In addition to considering which school might be “best” for your future career, think about where you feel most at home. I can’t imagine where I’d be if I had picked a different school where I couldn’t continue to dance. I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this department and this university.

Patsy Collins, '19

Patsy CoMajors: Dance and Movement Studies, BBA - Strategic and Management Consulting and Arts Management

Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL

Favorite Dance Classes: Somatic Practices, Dance History, Dance Pedagogy

Why I Love Dance: I love dance because of the creative way of thinking that it fosters. The Emory Dance community has such amazing faculty, staff
and students who create an environment where you really are unbounded and whole-heartedly encouraged to go in whatever direction of movement exploration you so choose. The support you will receive is unlike any other program I have encountered, and is something that has changed me as a
mover forever.

Plans After Graduation:  I would like to pursue work for or alongside a professional dance company and continue working in a field of youth dance education in the pursuit of one day owning a dance company or studio of my own.

Advice to Prospective Students: Don’t be afraid to take risks. Forcing yourself to go to difficult auditions, try new classes, or pushing yourself to the breaking point during rehearsal are the things that are going to change your work ethic and help you become a better dancer and person.

Lauren Lym, '19

Lauren Lym

Majors: Dance and Movement Studies, Biology

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Emory Activities: Emory Dance Company,  AHANA Dance, Volunteer Emory, Greek Life, SAPA, Orientation Leader

Favorite Dance Classes: Modern IV, Ballet IV

Plans After Graduation: I’m planning on going to medical school, but I'm taking a gap year where I hope to conduct sociological research on birth in the third world.

Why I Love Dance: I love the community we’ve built! There’s nothing quite like the support and love I get from the dance community, and I can’t imagine college without it. Advice to prospective students:  Throw yourself into the program! Try a bunch of classes and audition for everything you can. It is such a warm and accepting group that it is easy to find a home here.

Jacob Robbins, '19

jacob robbins in dance pose

Majors: BBA – Marketing and Strategic and Management Consulting, Dance and Movement Studies

Hometown: Trumbull, Connecticut

Emory Activities: Emory Dance Company, Tour Guide, Office of Undergraduate Admissions Marketing Team, The Pulse, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Orientation Leader

Favorite Dance Classes: Ballet IV, Movement Improvisation, Emory Dance Company

Plans After Graduation: After graduation, I hope to dance in a dance company for a year or two, as well as work for a major film industry helping to market upcoming movies and TV shows. I would also love to travel around the world backpacking.

Advice for Prospective Students: My main advice to prospective students would be to do whatever makes you happy. Keep an open-mind and explore new opportunities thrown your way. I never thought that I would be dancing this much in college, nor did I think I would want to continue even after college. Emory offers such a nurturing community to be yourself and evolve into whatever you want to be. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and take’s the only way you’ll grow as an individual. 

Serena Schmitt, '19

Serena Schmitt

Majors: Dance and Movement Studies, Anthropology & Human Biology

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Emory Activities: Emory Dance Company, Emory Student Ambassadors, Gamma Phi Beta

Favorite Dance Classes: Dance Literacy

Why I Love Emory Dance: The people in Emory Dance are a family away from home and made me feel comfortable and welcome since the moment I met them. The members of this
community are so talented and passionate it inspires me to work hard every day.

Plans After Graduation: I plan to apply to medical school after I graduate.

Kelly Vogel, '19

Kelly Vogel

Majors: Dance and Movement Studies, Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology

Hometown: Hawthorn Woods, Illinois

Favorite Dance Classes: Ballet IV, Modern IV, Yoga, Dance Literacy

Why I Love Emory Dance:  I love Emory Dance because it offers a sense of community unparalleled to any other organizations I’m a part of on campus. Furthermore, dancing on campus gives me the opportunity to step away from the stress of  college a few hours a day and instead focus entirely on my movement; it’s really refreshing!

Plans After Graduation: I’m hoping to go straight to medical school after college; ideally, my career as a doctor would include both working with patients and conducting research.

Advice to Prospective Students: Look for a school that has opportunities for you to pursue your various passions simultaneously. I personally selected Emory because its programs are designed in a way that allow me to study the sciences while still dancing intensely, and I’ve been extremely happy with my experience.