Season Overview

2018-2019 Season

The Emory Dance and Movement Studies Program is a curiosity-driven environment that values collaborative relationships, unique perspectives that emerge from the imagination, and original movement research.

D.I.R.T. (danceinrealtime)

Lori Teague, in collaboration with a diverse collective of artists, launches an ongoing series of improvisational scores and site-specific performance installations that draw you into the natural world. These performances will ignite spontaneously on the Emory campus.

Portrait of an Activist: A Creativity Conversation with Alexia Jones of R2ISE

The mission of R2ISE Inc. is to create a safe place for those in recovery and their allies to maintain wellness through the arts. Alexia Jones began using dance 21 years ago with a small group of women in Tallahassee, Florida to help them maintain their recovery and find a pathway to share the message of recovery with the community. The Atlanta group is comprised of a diverse group of individuals living with mental health and substance abuse challenges from the metro Atlanta area and surrounding counties.

Chronicles of Hope

The evening will begin with a “Found Art” exhibit created by artists in recovery, followed by a live, power-packed production of true stories of hope, courage and recovery performed by people challenged with mental health disorders, and/or a history of substance abuse, and their allies. The evening will conclude with a recovery focused conversation with the audience, to raise awareness, share our collective hopes, and advocate for recovery in our community. Art+Recovery=Freedom!

The Art of Cultural Agility

Workshop facilitated by Dr. Dietra Hawkins (One Small Change) and Alexia Jones (R2ISE)

This workshop is a two hour interactive session that will explore and introduce an appreciative approach to recovery, transformation, and cultural competence through movement and dialogue. We will review core principles, practice key skills, and identify one action each participant can do to be more culturally agile in approaching recovery.

Kendra Portier Showing

Guest artist Kendra Portier presents an informal showing of her work. Portier is a New York City-based maker, teacher, and performer whose dance works evolve through her visual arts practice and transdisciplinary interests in mathematics, science, pedagogy, and somatics. 

Photo courtesy Gibney Dance

Friends of Dance Lecture / Feminist Ballet: Problems & Possibilities

Gretchen Alterowitz, University of North Carolina–Charlotte

In the 21st century, can ballet be feminist? While criticism of ballet tends to ask it to look different, deeper challenges might encourage ballet to do something different. As an effort in that direction, this presentation will examine feminist practices in today’s ballet and contemplate ways ballet’s defining characteristics might be incompatible with feminist principles. I will think through the potential of making ballet a more diverse and inclusive art form (as well as reflect on resistance to such strategies) in both pedagogy and choreography.

Gretchen Alterowitz is a scholar, choreographer, performer, and educator. Her research interests lie in the social and cultural impact of democratic and non-hierarchical approaches to choreography and dance pedagogy. She is an associate professor in the Department of Dance at University of North Carolina–Charlotte.

Dance for Reel

Presented in collaboration with Atlanta Dance Film Festival

Explore a diverse selection of international short dance films, many of them Atlanta premieres, curated by Onur Topal-Sumer, founder of the Atlanta Dance Film Festival. This screening highlights different cultures, body languages, architectures, and perspectives on dance and film.

Emory Dance Company

Emory Dance Company performs new contemporary works by New York artist Kendra Portier, Emory Dance alumnus Andre Lumpkin, Atlanta Ballet’s Nadia Mara, and Emory Dance faculty artists Gregory Catellier and George Staib.

Kuchipudi Showing

Dancers that are studying World Dance Forms: Kuchipudi this semester will present learned pieces in this unique style of classical Indian dance.

Fieldwork Showcase

Emory Dance partners with CORE Performance Company and The Field in New York to share new work created by Atlanta artists. The ten-week workshop leading up to the showcase provides feedback, support, structure, and community for artists in any medium.

Photo by Simon Gentry.

Informal Showing

Students from dance classes will present their work from the semester.

Contemplate, Create, Debate

Freshman seminar students will present original artworks in all forms...painting, photography, sculpture, and dance, based on the analysis of beauty and its impact on the arts and creative process.

Catellier Dance Projects!: Duets, Duets, Duets!

The duet form reveals intimate portraits of relationships in dances created and performed by faculty member Greg Catellier and some of Atlanta’s favorite dancers--Alex Abarca, Jessica Bertram, Helen Hale, Ameiia Reiser, Sally O’Grady, Kristin O’Neal, and Nick Surbey. Catellier mixes charming duets from the past with premieres, continuing the group’s history of creating uniquely clever dances. Special guests Brian Fidalgo and Erin Cardinal from Tampa will present their own take on the duet form. 

Paul Matteson Master Class

Paul Matteson is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher whose research explores sensation-based methods for generating off-balanced yet precise multi-focused movement.  Paul received a New York Dance and Performance Award (BESSIE) for his “body of work” as a performer.  He was a principal dancer with the internationally touring Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Dance Company and has also performed with David Dorfman Dance, Lisa Race, Terry Creach, Peter Schmitz, Neta Pulvermacher, and others. He is currently on faculty at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

another piece apart: Jennifer Nugent and Paul Matteson

another piece apart, a duet resting in silence, reflects on a history of fractured togetherness and a shared love of dance to blur boundaries between bodies in space.  The movement is off-balanced yet precise and multi-focused. The knotted partnering reaches into tones of touch. 

another piece apart has received support from New York Live Arts at Live Artery, The Bates Dance Festival, Amherst College, and the School for Contemporary Dance and Thought in Northampton, MA.   

Jennifer Nugent and Paul Matteson premiered their first duet, "Fare Well", at Danspace Project in 2006, beginning an ongoing exploration into partnering that at once honors and challenges personal possibility.  They are BESSIE Award receiving performers who danced together with David Dorfman Dance, Lisa Race, and The Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company.  They have 2018-19 performances of their recent duet, "another piece apart", at New York Live Arts, The Kaatsbaan Center, The Boston Dance Complex, Emory University, and The University of Virginia.

Photo by Ben McKeown

Honors Thesis Concerts

Students Laura Briggs and Serena Schmitt present their honors thesis research

Independent Research Showing

Students Laura Briggs, Jhaunae Cephas, Patsy Collins, and Abi Grassler present their independent research.

Boris Richir Master Class: Paris Opera Ballet Technique

French technique, and more particularly the “Paris Opera Ballet School way of teaching,” results from a 300 year old tradition passed down from teacher to student. There is no written curriculum and the technique and style is only transmitted orally. French technique puts the accent on elegance, style and a sense of nobility as opposed to tricks and exaggeration. Everything should appear effortless and in control. The technique is there to serve the art and not the other way around.

Boris Richir, originally from Antwerp, Belgium, received his dance education at the Paris Opera Ballet School, one of the world’s top dance schools. He started his professional career in 2009 when he joined the prestigious Semperoper Ballet in Dresden, Germany. In 2014, he joined the Boston Ballet followed by the Atlanta Ballet for the 2017/18 season. Boris Richir has performed soloist, and lead roles in a wide repertoire ranging from The Nutcracker to contemporary pieces such as the revolutionary ballets of W. Forsythe. In 2012 he became assistant director of ART of Ballet Courses and master classes where he is responsible for the organization of high level dance summer courses across Europe. During his career with the Boston Ballet, he worked closely with their Adaptive Dance department where he developed a passion for inclusive dance education. In 2017 he founded United Dance, an organization that provides dance programs specifically designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with Down syndrome.

Emory Dance Company

The Emory Dance Company performs new works by student choreographers Kiran Bhutada, Maria McNiece, Jacob Robbins, Nate Snyder, Elise Stumpf, Fredrick Thompson, Kelly Voge, and Helen Wang.

African Dance Showing

Students from DANC 127R: World Dance Forms will demonstrate dances from West Africa.

Informal Showing

Students from a variety of dance classes will present their work from the semester.