Season Overview


2015-2016 Season

The Emory Dance and Movement Studies Program is a curiosity-driven environment that values collaborative relationships, unique perspectives that emerge from the imagination, and original movement research.

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Friends of Dance Lecture
The Use of Imagery in Dance: From Theory to Practice
Amit Abraham, B.P.T, MAPhty, Emory PhD candidate
September 15, 7:30pm, Oxford Road Building

Imagery is one of the tools dance teachers use to promote goal attainment in classes. Depending on the level and style of dance, imagery can be used to enhance technique, choreography, creativity, and expression. Although research in dance imagery provides some insight into how imagery works and in what contexts, many aspects still remain unexplored. In this lecture, an overview of imagery within the dance world will be given, including the different definitions and sub-groups used, its clinical applications and advantages for the dancer, as well as future research directions and challenges.


Fast First Fridays
Catellier Dance Projects!
October 2, November 6, 6:45pm
Dance Studio, Schwartz Center for Performing Arts

Seeking to challenge the choreographic process, Emory dance faculty member Gregory Catellier and a unique group of collaborators will create a brand new dance in one month. Catellier’s work in recent years has been led by themes and each had significant gestation periods. He wants to know what will happen when you have a group of people in the studio working together for just one month. This short, casual performance will allow audience members time for other commitments on their busy Friday nights. Join the experiment!


D.I.R.T. (danceinrealtime)
Dates and locations to be announced

Lori Teague launches into an ongoing series of improvisational performances that allow the space itself to tell us something. Audiences will be encouraged to build relationships with natural environments, architecture, and each other. These site-specific performances will be crafted by a diverse collective of artists and will occur on the Emory campus and around Atlanta.


Emory Dance Company
November 19-21, 8:00pm; November 21, 2:00pm
Dance Studio, Schwartz Center for Performing Arts
Tickets: $15; $12 discount category members; $8 students

The fall Emory Dance Company roster of choreographers lists a compelling blend of faculty and guest artists. In addition to new works created by dance faculty members Gregory Catellier, Mara Mandradjierr, and George Staib, the concert will feature work by Atlanta-based artists MaryGrace Phillips and Kristin O’Neal.


Fieldwork Showcase
December 6, 5:00pm
Dance Studio, Schwartz Center for Performing Arts
Tickets: $7; available at or by cash at the door

Emory Dance partners with CORE Performance Company and The Field in New York to showcase new work created by Atlanta artists. The ten-week workshop leading up to the showcase provides support, structure, and community for artists in any medium to immerse themselves fully in their creative process.


Fast First Friday
Catellier Dance Projects!
February 5, 6:45pm
Dance Studio, Schwartz Center for Performing Arts

Seeking to challenge the choreographic process, Emory dance faculty member Gregory Catellier creates short, casual performances in one month. This month Catellier teams up with one of Atlanta’s most admired dancers, Claire Molla, and five robotic lights to create a new work equal parts movement and light. Performance will be followed by beer and snacks!


Friends of Dance Lecture
Argentine Tango for People with Parkinson's Disease: A Neuroscientific Perspective
Madeleine Hackney, PhD, Emory School of Medicine
February 8, 7:30pm, Oxford Road Building


This work focuses on the design and optimization of creative movement/dance-based therapies to improve mobility, cognition and quality of life in older individuals with movement disorders. Dance may serve as an auxiliary therapy to pharmacology and surgery for conditions like Parkinson’s disease because dance appears to have motor, social and cognitive benefits. Partner dancing is a sophisticated, yet accessible system of tactile communication that conveys movement goals between a ‘leader’ and ‘follower’. Therefore this work explores the opportunities for meaningful healing encompassed within interactions between dance partners in adapted Argentine tango.


Gala Concert
Southeast American College Dance Association Conference
March 12, 7:30pm
Ferst Center for the Arts, Georgia Tech University
Tickets required; information to be announced

A juried concert of diverse and notable choreographic works selected from the Southeast American College Dance Conference, hosted by the Emory Dance Program. Join us to experience excellence in creative scholarship.


Body Stories
Women's History Month Performance Series

March 23, 11:30am
Dance Studio, Schwartz Center for Performing Arts

A collection of works that explore questions about identity, culture, and gender.


Emory Dance Company
April 14-16, 8:00pm; April 16, 2:00pm
Dance Studio, Schwartz Center for Performing Arts
$10; $8 discount category members; $6 students

Under the direction of George Staib, student choreographers Jessica Bertram, Allison Carr, Cherry Fung, Clara Guyton, Alice Halter, Julianna Joss, Eliza Krakower, Lauren Lindeen, Kaitlin Lipner, Elyse Schupak, Virginia Spinks, and Alfredo Takori create new group work.