Cynthia Church

Costume Designer and Costume Shop Coordinator

Office: Rich Building, Suite 115

Phone: 404-727-4085



Cynthia Church has been designing costumes for marching band, color guard, and ice-skating for over 15 years. She holds administrative positions within the governing bodies of color guard competitive circuits both locally and internationally, and is also a choreographer. Her business, “Above the Blade,” focused on costumes for ice skaters. Church is also a designer with LEA Designs, has been commissioned for countless projects, and has a unique style that speaks to the essence of choreographic as well as theatrical work. She has costumed for the Emory Dance Company, Atlanta based dance companies, and has been highly active with Theater Emory. Church joined the staff of the Emory Dance Program and the Theater Studies Department in the fall of 2009, and has been a regular contributor in choreography, design, and seminar courses at Emory.