Julie Baggenstoss


115 Rich Building
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322


Julie Galle Baggenstoss is a flamenco dancer widely commissioned as a choreographer and lecturer. She currently tours her original shows “Ferdinand por farruca” and “That’s Apoyo” for schools, and performs in “Olé flamenco,” presented by Young Audiences Woodruff Arts Center. She has choreographed for Actor’s Alliance, Georgia State University, Gainesville State College, Brenau University, and Digital Ball, and lectured for audiences at the Rialto Center for the Performing Arts, Dance ATL, and the University of Georgia. Julie’s style is greatly influenced by her Seville teachers, including Angelita Vargas, Juan del Gastor, Manuela Reyes, Pilar Ortega, and Juan Paredes, and her work is guided by the far-reaching input of dancer/historian La Meira. Julie is the co-founder of jaleolé, a grass-roots marketing organization that has shaped Atlanta’s flamenco landscape for nearly ten years. Off stage, she produces flamenco events, such as theater productions and classes involving world-class Spanish flamenco artists.