Frequently Asked Questions

Kevin Arc in dance poseThis page contains frequently asked questions about a variety of topics, and is organized into four categories:

  • Prospective Students
  • Current Students
  • Programs and Classes, and
  • Performance and Rehearsal Space.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact the Dance Program at 404-727-7266 or

Prospective Students

Degrees and Dance Major/Minor

Visiting the Program


Performing at Emory and Other Dance Opportunities

Degrees and Dance Major/Minor

What degrees do you offer in dance?
The Emory Dance Program offers an undergraduate major or minor in Dance and Movement Studies. The curriculum emphasizes an understanding of movement's diverse application in the world. The requirements are matched well with an overall liberal arts education, encouraging students to develop collaborative, creative, and critical thinking skills. The major degree is a Bachelor of Arts (BA).

What is the difference between a BA and a BFA degree?
Although both are intensive degrees, a dance BFA and BA offer different college experiences. The biggest difference between the two degrees is the time spent in dance-specific courses versus academics outside the department. A BFA degree requires the student to take the majority of their college course work in dance. This is generally a conservatory model. Regardless, the quality of training is the same. BAs are often interested in jobs like dance programming, physical therapy or teaching. Our graduates are also professional choreographers and performers.

dancers on stageDo you require an audition to be a major or a minor?
We do not require an audition to pursue the course work for a major or minor in dance. Emory students can declare a major or minor during second semester of their freshman year, or later. Before declaring, students must meet with a full-time faculty member to discuss their interests and/or focus. They are then assigned a dance faculty advisor who will work closely with them to plan their sequence of courses and provide consistent, constructive feedback.

Can I double major in dance and another area of study?
Yes, most of our dance majors are simultaneously pursuing majors in other areas of study (i.e. social sciences, natural sciences, business, and in the humanities). One of the advantages of a BA course of study in dance at Emory is that it easily allows students, with careful academic planning, to complete two majors. Movement studies highlights the humanistic component of all other disciplines.

How many majors and minors do you have in the Emory Dance Program?
The number varies, but is usually between 30 and 50 total.

What is the structure of Emory dance classes?
Technique classes, including world dance forms, range in size. Our maximum is 25 students. This allows for dance faculty to provide specific individual and group feedback. Our core courses, seminars, and somatic practice courses range in size from 5-18 students.

Visiting the Program

How do I arrange a visit to the Dance Program?
Please fill out the visit form on the Visiting the Program page at least 1-2 weeks in advance to arrange your visit. If you have specific questions, please call Program Coordinator Anne Walker at 404-727-7266 or email

During my visit can I observe/take a class and/or meet with a faculty member?
You are encouraged to observe any course in the curriculum or participate in a technique class. This will give you a sense of course content, professor-student rapport, and the mission of our program. The best time to visit the Dance Program is during the school year. In general, the first semester runs from late August to early December and second semester runs from mid-January to late April. You can meet with a faculty member to learn more about our programming and curriculum. Class visits can be scheduled by filling out the form on the Visiting the Program page.


two dancers on stageHow can I get information about admissions?
Contact the Emory undergraduate admissions office at 404-727-6036 or visit their website. The Dance Program does not handle admission to the university.

Should I send you a recording of my performances as part of my admissions package?
We invite prospective students who are applying to Emory to submit supplemental material to the Dance Program. For more information on how to do this, please visit our admissions page and find the submission information under "Portfolios."

Are there any dance scholarships available?
At this time, we do not have dance scholarships availalbe for first year dance students. The Dance Program has one academic scholarship that is awarded annually to a declared dance major or minor, and there are other arts scholarships available, also for declared majors or minors. In addition, the Emory Friends of Dance has a scholarshiop for majors and minors who wish to pursue summer study. Please see our Student Awards page for information. Emory also offers a range of merit and need-based financial aid options; please see the Office of Financial Aid website.

What are the average SAT scores and GPAs of entering Emory students?
You can find statistics on Emory’s entering students here.

I’d like to transfer to Emory from my current university. Will credits from my dance classes at my current school transfer to Emory?
Please see the information on the Office of Admissions web page regarding transfer credt.

Performing at Emory and Other Dance Opportunities

Dancer on stage What performance opportunities are available?
The Emory Dance Company (EDC) embraces what is current and innovative in the field of contemporary dance, developing dancers that will become multifaceted artists with a unique individual voice. New work is built collaboratively with Emory dancers, which provides a unique creative exchange during the choreographic process. In addition, dancers may have an opportunity to work with nationally recognized artists in residency or learn historical repertory. The diversity of works on each concert, and the unmatched physicality of human expression, highlight social and political dimensions of our world today. You do not have to be a major or minor to audition. Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester. Students receive credit for EDC (1-2 credit hours) and must also be enrolled in a technique class. The fall concert features choreography by faculty and guest artists. The spring concert features choreography by dance students studying group composition (Choreography II class). The company has four performances twice a year.

What is the time commitment if I am chosen to be in Emory Dance Company (EDC)?
The Emory Dance Company is an academic class (DANC 207R), where students can earn 1-2 credits each semester.  During the audition process students decide on how many pieces they wish to be considered for. Students can be cast in 1-4 works. Each piece rehearses between 3-4 hours weekly. There are some unique exceptions related to a guest artist residency, which is often scheduled as an intensive. After casting, students are in control of accepting or denying a role. Rehearsals are in the early evening or on the weekends. With an understanding of your schedule and workload, you are encouraged to not over-commit.

Are there other student dance groups on campus?
Dance at Emory is prolific, reflecting the cultural diversity of our campus. AHANA (African, Hispanic, Asian, Native-American) Dance celebrates diversity through performance. E-motion is the official dance team of the Emory Eagles; TNT, Persuasion, and Adrenaline are hip-hop groups. There are also groups dedicated to salsa, swing, Capoeira, Bollywood, Bhangra, traditional Chinese, and some hybrid dance forms. For a list of Emory's student-organized dance groups, please click here.

What dance opportunities are available in Atlanta?
Atlanta is a major touring stop for national and international dance companies. You can experience some of the finest dance in the world. We are fortunate to also have frequent master classes from many of these companies. The Atlanta dance scene provides professional classes, workshops and performances. The annual Modern Atlanta Dance Festival is a showcase of regional choreographers in Atlanta; Dance Canvas produces emerging choreographers, and Atlanta hosts the National Black Arts Festival and Decatur Arts Festival with performances and classes. In addition, there are outreach programs for at-risk youth, internships, and arts activist organizations.

Current Students

How do I know what level of class to register for?
The preliminary placement is a thoughtful and educated decision made ideally by a faculty member in conversation with the student. Attempt to connect with your professor through e-mail if you have questions. If not, make an educated guess based on your training. During the drop-add period, faculty will observe you in class. They will consider several characteristics when placing you: technical consistency, stylistic strengths and exposure to the unknown. They will determine the level where you will benefit most. Freshmen with previous experience in any dance form do not necessarily need to start in the beginning levels of technique.

How do I declare a dance major or minor?
First, schedule an appointment with one of the full-time faculty members in order to express your interest in the field of dance and fully understand your commitment in the program. When you are ready to declare a major or a minor, you will need to choose an advisor from amongst the Dance Program’s full-time faculty. Schedule an appointment with your advisor, and then go online complete the major/minor declaration form. The Dance Program can also assign an advisor if you prefer.

Does my P.E. requirement fulfill my requirements for the major or minor? Can I fulfill my P.E. requirements with dance classes?
Yes, some dance courses taken to fulfill P.E. requirements also count toward dance major and minor requirements. Those include all one-credit dance technique courses, Movement Improvisation, Topics in Somatic Practices, and Emory Dance Company.

Programs and Classes

Do you offer summer programs?
At this time we do not offer any summer programs at Emory. Dance majors and minors can apply for the Sally A. Radell Friends of Dance Summer Scholarship to study at dance festivals in the United States including the American Dance Festival, Bates Dance Festival, and Jacobs Pillow.

Dancer on stageI’m not a student at Emory; can I take/audit a class with the Emory Dance Program?
No, classes are open only to students enrolled in Emory University. Atlanta has many dance studios offering classes for adults.

Where can I find dance classes in the Atlanta area?
Dance classes for adults and children are available at many dance studios throughout the metro area. You may want to start with an internet search, using a phrase such as “dance studios Atlanta.”

I am a graduate student at Emory. Can I take a dance class?
Emory graduate students can audit dance technique classes for no credit if space is available and with permission of the instructor. Please contact the instructor of the class you are interested in taking for permission. Graduate students in the university auditing classes must begin the class on the first day of the semester—students cannot begin classes after the first day or part-way through the semester. Some graduate schools allow students to take undergraduate courses for credit; please check with your school's enrollment coordinator for information. Note that enrollment priority is always given to undergraduates.

Performance and Rehearsal Space

Can I reserve dance studio space at Emory for my group to rehearse and/or perform?
Space in the Woodruff Physical Education Center Dance Studio is available only to Emory affiliated groups with a valid Emory account number (speedtype). Please contact the P.E. Center for information. Dance majors and minors can reserve rehearsal time in the Rich Building Dance Studio using the sign up sheet posted outside the door. Privileges can be denied at any juncture if the space is not respected. The dance studio in the Schwartz Center is not available for students to reserve. 

Emory dance spaces are not available for use by groups or individuals not affiliated with Emory. If you have questions about our facilities, please contact Kendall Simpson.

My student group at Emory needs rehearsal space, how do I reserve one of your dance studios?
Emory-affiliated groups with a valid account number (speedtype) may reserve space in the Dance Studio in the Woodruff P.E. Center. Please contact the P.E. Center for assistance.