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Dance Facilities

The Dance Program has three dance studios.

Schwartz Center for Performing Arts Dance Studio

This studio serves as both a classroom and the Program’s performance space, with a seating capacity of 109.

  • Approximately 43’x 55’ of floor space (2365 square feet)
  • Harlequin Activity Floor System with extra layer of cushion covered by a black Harlequin Cascade dance floor.
  • Mirrored wall
  • Portable ballet barres

Other facilities for dance in the Schwartz Center:

  • Dance student lounge
  • Costume shop
  • Locker/dressing rooms

Woodruff Physical Education Center (WPEC) Dance Studio

  • Approximately 45’ x 60’ (2700 square feet)
  • Harlequin Activity Sprung Floor with a Harlequin Cascade marley
  • Mirrored wall
  • Portable ballet barres
  • 30’ of permanently installed ballet barres
  • Locker rooms are available to students in the P.E. Center

Rich Dance Studio

The Rich Building holds a dance studio and the main offices for the Dance Program. Majors and minors can reserve the dance studio for personal rehearsal/workspace. This studio is also used for smaller classes and some somatics classes.

  • Approximately 30’ x 34’ (1020 square feet)
  • Mirrored wall
  • Yoga ropes wall
  • Marley floor
  • Cubbies for storage of belongings