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Meet Our Movers

The Emory Dance Program usually has between 40 and 50 majors and minors. Below, read about a few of our movers and their thoughts about studying dance in college!

Bibby Agbabiaka 24C

Majors: Dance and Movement Studies and Business
Lagos, Nigeria

For most of my life, I’ve had a complicated relationship with dance. I never really knew what it meant to me, constantly stuck on the border between pastime and passion. Upon coming to Emory, I was exposed to dance and movement in a way that I had never thought of before. Through the amazing faculty and other dancers, I have seen all the magnificent things that the human body can do—pushing limits, telling stories and making reality out of dreams beyond our wildest imagination. At Emory, I have been blessed with the opportunity to explore who I am as a mover and a person; here, I have found a pocket world into which I can escape, whenever I feel lost—my pocket world called dance.

Bibby Agababiaka

Ilo Elder 25C

Major: Dance and Movement Studies and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Prior to Emory, I attended a performing arts middle school and high school, and so I can’t imagine education without art. However, I didn’t expect to have so many resources and examples on how to directly merge my non-dance and dance interests. At Emory, amongst the encouragement to enjoy and explore dance regardless of background, is the drive and passion to connect with our identities, the earth, and worldly issues as a dancer. I’m so excited to expand my talent and technique while cultivating that passion as well.


Dominique Jones 24C

Majors: Dance and Movement Studies and Human Health
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

From the moment I stepped into the studio, I knew that a dance major at Emory was for me. After being constrained to dancing in my room during Covid, this program enabled me to dance freely and explore movement in a way I had been craving during quarantine. At Emory I can simultaneously develop my ballet technique and artistry, investigate the modern and contemporary elements of my movement style, and prepare for a career in healthcare. Each class pushes me to take risks, become intentional with my movement, and have fun while learning. Through the support of faculty and the close-knit community of friends and dancers in the program, I’ve come to find my home away from home in Emory dance.


Madison Lee 24C

Majors: Dance and Movement Studies and Business
Hometown: Dallas, TX

I have been dancing my entire life, but when I first came to Emory, I wasn’t planning on dancing, and I definitely wasn’t planning on being a dance major. But after taking a class or two and being convinced to audition for Emory Dance Company, I fell back in love with dance and rediscovered my passion. I have absolutely loved being a part of the Emory dance community and I am so grateful for the training and opportunities this program has to offer. Dancing at Emory has allowed me to cultivate my movement style and learn about dance in so many more contexts. With the support of the amazing faculty and staff, I get to explore facets of dance that I have never done before. I have grown so much over these past couple years, and I am extremely excited to see how I grow in my remaining time at Emory.

Madison Lee 24C

Nadia Piecyk 26C

Majors: Dance and Movement Studies and Psychology
Hometown: Boston, MA

Having grown up studying at a ballet school, I knew I wanted to become involved with the dance community at Emory so that I could continue taking class and performing as well as explore the academic side of dance. What I did not imagine, however, was the amount of growth I would experience in my appreciation for and engagement with novel forms of movement for me. Within the Emory Dance Program, I can simultaneously embrace my balletic inclinations and step beyond myself to try something new. Whether I am sharing weight during contact improvisation or embodying metaphorical concepts during an Emory Dance Company show, I feel supported through both my triumphs and my moments of discomfort. Emory Dance has transformed who I am as an artist and as a person, and I am excited for the growth to come.

Nadia Piecyk

Claire Qu 22Ox 24C

Major/Minor: Biology / Dance and Movement Studies
Hometown: Houston, TX

Before joining the Emory Dance Program, I thought of dancing merely as one of my favorite pastimes, not as a subject I would study. But after taking a modern class at Emory (Oxford) and watching an Emory Dance Company performance, I found a new appreciation for the art of dance. I have had the opportunity to explore many different styles of dance that I haven't tried before as well as gain insight into the infinite creativity dance can offer. Additionally, Emory is unique as it has given me and many other students a chance to blend dance with a science major. I had opportunities to incorporate my dance passions into neurokinesiology research on Parkinson's disease and have learned about the healing capabilities of movement. I am looking forward to continuing my dance journey at Emory!

Claire Qu 24C

Mia Shocket 24C

Majors: Dance and Movement Studies and Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Hometown: Washington, DC

Dance has always been my passion and I could not imagine a college experience without it. Throughout the application process, I found many schools that met my criteria academically but few that met my standards for dance. When I found Emory, I was met with the opportunity to double major in both dance and the sciences. The idea of nurturing creative scholars is real at Emory. Since arriving here, I have found a community of students like me. Double majoring is a balancing act, but the support of both the professors and students in the dance community have made all the difference. I am excited about where this journey will take me.


Ivy Wang 23Ox 25B

Major/Minor: Business / Dance and Movement Studies
Hometown: Atlanta, GA

The Emory Dance Program provides me with an environment to further explore my artistic identity and personal growth. It is here that I realized my passion for dance extends beyond mere performance as a hobby; it encompasses the acquisition of knowledge and techniques necessary to make a meaningful impact in the community. This revelation inspired a transformation in my dance non-profit organization, Pop Dancers League, leading us to adopt free dance services as one of our missions and modern dance as our new genre focus.

Ivy Wang