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Faculty & Staff

Core Faculty

Gregory Catellier Headshot
Gregory Catellier
Professor of Practice
213A Schwartz Center
Mara Mandradjieff Headshot
Mara Mandradjieff
Assistant Teaching Professor
115 Rich Building
Julio Medina Headshot
Julio Medina
Assistant Professor
115 Rich Building
Tara Shepard Myers Headshot
115 Rich Building
Kristin O'Neal Headshot
Kristin O'Neal
115 Rich Building
Sally Radell Headshot
Sally Radell
Dance Program Director and Director of Undergraduate Studies
115 Rich Building
George Staib Headshot
George Staib
Professor of Practice
115 Rich Building
Lori Teague Headshot
Lori Teague
Associate Professor
115 Rich Building

Rotating, Adjunct, Associated, & Emeritus Faculty

Julie Baggenstoss Headshot
Julie Baggenstoss
Instructor, Flamenco
115 Rich Building
Theresa Howard Headshot
Theresa Howard
Instructor, African Dance
115 Rich Building
Anna Leo Headshot
Anna Leo
Associate Professor Emerita
Sasikala Penumarthi Headshot
Sasikala Penumarthi
Instructor, Kuchipudi
115 Rich Building
Annalee Traylor Headshot
Annalee Traylor
Emory Arts Fellow, 2023-2024
Steve Cole Headshot
Steve Cole
Adjunct Professor, Research Design Associates, Inc., Yorktown Heights, NY

Administrative Staff

Cynthia Church Headshot
Cynthia Church
Costume Designer and Costume Shop Coordinator
115 Rich Building
Patsy Collins Headshot
Patsy Collins
Communications Coordinator / Media Contact
Kendall Simpson Headshot
Kendall Simpson
Music Operations Administrator
115 Rich Building
Anne Walker Headshot
Anne Walker
Program Coordinator
115 Rich Building