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Prospective Students

Being a student in two different departments at Emory has been one of the brightest highlights of my college experience. I've found that this is a university that encourages students to explore everything they're interested in (32% of students here double major), and balancing two majors has been surprisingly manageable for me. If you're unsure about majoring/minoring in dance, or worried about balancing your interests and time, you're exactly where I was when I entered my first year! My best advice is to join a dance organization on campus and/or enroll in at least one dance class and be open to the possibilities of this department in your college experience.

Maria McNiece 20B, dance and business double major

The Emory Dance and Movement Studies Program offers a well-rounded course of dance study within the larger context of a liberal arts education, culminating in a bachelor of arts (BA) degree. Students can also minor in dance.

The program is based in contemporary modern dance, emphasizing improvisation, choreography, and performance. Technical training combines with somatic practices to build a relationship between the mind and the body. The dance faculty empowers students to move authentically, investigate movement, and deepen their practice. This all happens within a small college with an outstanding academic reputation. Atlanta is a vibrant major city which attracts performances by many national and international artists. This is what makes studying dance at Emory special!

  • Students regularly double major in dance and a variety of subjects in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Learn more about our majors and minors!
  • Students enrolled in technique classes have an opportunity to audition for the Emory Dance Company (EDC) independent of the degree program.
  • Dance majors and minors are eligible to apply for two Emory Friends of Dance scholarships for off-campus studies. 
  • Emory Dance offers a variety of internships with Atlanta arts organizations.
  • Master classes with local, national, and international artists are a regular feature of our program.
  • Emory has many student-run dance groups that perform in a variety of styles, including hip-hop, Indian classical dance, African dance, and fusion dance forms, among others.

If you are interested in the Dance Program, make plans to visit us to take a class and meet with a faculty member. Please fill out our visit form at least two weeks in advance of your visit. If you have questions about our program, or about scheduling a visit, please contact our program coordinator, Anne Walker, at or 404-727-7266.

Your journey in college can be full of creativity, collaborations, critical thinking, and self-discovery. Let Emory Dance, a community of artists, cultivate your passion for moving!

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Anne Walker
Program Coordinator
115 Rich Building